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What to do After an Accident

You were just in a major car accident; you’re shaken and aren’t sure what to do or where to start.

Don’t panic, here’s a quick checklist of what you need to do.

  • If you, the passenger, or anyone from the other vehicle is injured, call 911 immediately.

  • Call the police. In some areas, police authorities may respond to every accident scene. They may consider factors such as the severity and location of the accident (some police authorities will not come to the scene if the accident is on private property). However, you should attempt to notify the police. You should also be aware that most policies require notification to the police within a specified time period if the accident is a hit and run.

  • Get the names. Obtain names, addresses, telephone numbers, and driver's license numbers from all drivers.

  • Obtain a copy of the insurance card, license plate(s) and vehicle identification numbers. Ask to see driver's license(s) and vehicle registration(s) to verify the information is accurate.

  • Obtain names, addresses, and telephone numbers of other passengers and any witnesses.

  • Take photos. Make sure that you take photographs of the damage, and the accident scene (traffic controls, visual obstacles).

  • If the owner of a damaged car or damaged property cannot be located, leave a note with the names and addresses of the driver and owners of the involved cars.

  • Call your attorney. Do not talk to insurance or give a recorded statement without first contacting your attorney. Let your attorney do all of that for you!!

SoCal Injury Liens will work with your attorney to bridge the gap with talented physicians that you may need to get you back on your feet. We are a California-based network of independently owned chiropractic and medical centers that specialize in med-legal evaluations and treatment of injuries that occur from accidents. So, if you are in an accident, don’t panic. Your attorney teamed up with SoCal Injury Liens will get you back on your feet.

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