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Who are We and Why Choose Us?

Your client slipped and fell at work or was involved in a car accident, now what? Who do you call and what should you do?

SoCal Injury Liens is here to help by providing a bridge between attorneys and physicians.

The company itself is a California-based network of independently owned chiropractic and medical centers that specialize in med-legal evaluations and treatment of injuries that occur from personal injury accidents or injuries at work. All doctors in its network offer lien-based treatment for personal injuries, and various doctors offer treatment for workers comp.

But there are many other benefits of working with us.

SoCal Injury Liens Bridges the Divide

The company works together with attorneys and physicians. It helps attorneys navigate its medical directory and schedule the appropriate specialty in the nearest location to the client by highlighting facilities offering 5-star care for its clients.

Doctors and lawyers both have their own set of protocols to follow for a personal injury or workers comp case. SoCal Injury Liens bridges the divide by providing the industry’s best medical care in many areas throughout California and surrounding states. Its medical professionals are trained in treating personal and work-related injuries.

Its network providers never over-treat a patient, and always follow protocol on requesting authorization from law office for moving forward to the next level of treatment. SoCal Injury’s goal is to provide a constant-communication-chain to attorneys regarding its client’s progress and treatments.

Medical Funding

If an attorney’s client needs surgery and the case warrants it, SoCal Injury Liens can also help provide the resources with reputable funding companies and provide access to the best surgeons to ensure that clients get the surgery needed to return to a pre-accident normalcy.


SoCal Injury Liens understands the value of referrals and makes introductions between doctors and attorneys to help build their referral network.

So when your client is injured, we would love to be the first call you make to ensure they are in the right hands and can return to their pre-accident condition.

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